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---November 18, 1992---
News and resources for environmental justice.
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Southern Community/Labor Conference

The Southern Community/Labor Conference for Environmental Justice will be held Dec. 4-6 at Xavier University in New Orleans, Louisiana. This conference is a regional follow-up to the People of Color Conference held in Washington, D.C. a year ago.

For more information, phone (404) 622-4991 in Atlanta, Georgia.

On Dec. 3, the day before the conference begins, Tulane University Law School and the National Conference of Black Lawyers will sponsor a one-day continuing education seminar in New Orleans to help lawyers and legal workers better serve the environmental justice movement. Contact: Marcia Zimmerman at (504) 865-5900 in New Orleans.

Chlorine-Free Great Lakes

A conference called "Chlorine-Free Great Lakes: Local Action for a Global Solution" will be held at St. Mary Center in Monroe, Michigan December 4-6. The conference will offer workshops on every major use of chlorine, the problems chlorine creates in humans and the environment, and alternative technologies and substitutes available to replace chlorine. This conference is aimed at community activists, environmentalists, workers, and scientists.

Registration is limited, so act quickly: phone Bonnie Rice in Chicago at (312) 666-3305.
--Peter Montague, Ph.D.

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